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Internet Video Marketing

Effective Video Marketing Strategy

This internet marketing blog outline about how important is internet video marketing for your business content and absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy. It is interesting to note that more than 50% of all traffic today comes to a website through video marketing so let’s look a little closer at exactly what video marketing is.

When you analyze the most effective strategies for marketing on the Internet today you come up with numerous possibilities. However it is interesting to note that almost 50% of all traffic today comes to a website through video marketing.

Let’s look a little closer at exactly what video marketing is.


The most popular video sharing site in the world is YouTube. This is a great source of information and savvy Internet marketers have quickly realized that.

What you may not be aware of is how many people actually go to YouTube and search for specific information as opposed to using a search engine. Google understood that this was going to happen and that’s the reason they purchased YouTube a few years ago.

Videos are uploaded at YouTube and other shared video sites similar to other types of marketing like blogging or article marketing. These can be uploaded directly from the producer of the video.

There are also submission services such as article video robot that will submit the video directly for you to other shared video sites. This makes it very easy to get your videos you have produced online.

Services just as Article Video Robot also do a good job of helping people who do not have experience in making videos. These types of companies allow you to upload articles and turn those into videos without any technical background. You don’t even need a video camera to create the video.

The most important thing to realize is search engines are showing videos in their search results. When you combine the fact that people are also searching directly on video sharing sites you understand how important it is to be doing video marketing yourself.

Marketing effectively on the Internet is competitive regardless of how you do it. There’s always skills that must be learned and then implemented to help you keep your business up to date with what’s going on in the marketplace.

Video marketing is certainly no different. The bottom line is if you do not use videos to promote your products on the Internet you are going to lose market share to your competitors. Can you afford to do that?


This does not mean that you have to become a professional videographer.  As we mentioned there are services that make it very easy to help people create videos. That also makes it easy to get them submitted online where search engines and people can find them.

In the future you need to do as much video marketing as you possibly can. As we have explained this only makes sense because that is what your potential customers are looking for.

6 Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing

How To Increase Traffic To Your Business With Video Marketing

With the rapid development of technology in the 21st century, online video marketing has been on the rise. Several researches undertaken in video marketing have proved that marketing videos online really works…
With the rapid development of technology in the 21st century, online video marketing has been on the rise. Several researches undertaken in video marketing have proved that marketing videos online really works if used in the effective way. Online marketing is effective and attractive for many businesses because creating and posting the online videos is fairly cheap and they are also sustainable because they stay online for a long time. The following are easy online video marketing tips that will improve your online marketing strategy.


Ensure Your Title Counts
Just like a title of blog post, online videos titles help drive traffic. A great title grabs the attention of the viewers and show up in the search engines when visitors are surfing for your topic.
Provide High Quality And Excellent Content  
You should take time to critically think about the targeted audience. You need to understand what the targeted market find valuable and what your online video can teach them. Online videos succeed not only because they are of great value to the viewers, but also because they demonstrate your skills and knowledge thus proving to them that your are an expert. It is also good to note that no matter the quality of your online video, it would succeed if it is too long. Therefore, keep your online video as short as possible.
Put The Website URL Address In The Video 
When editing your online video, it is advisable that you make the most use of various editing features. One of the simple features is the additional use of the text box in the video by displaying your website address which helps your website gain more exposure and bring more traffic.
Make Use Of Video’s Branding Opportunities  
You should ensure that the logo of the company your promoting features more in some parts of the screen for branding purposes. This can be done for the full length or during key times in your online video. By doing this you set yourself apart from other videos and ensure that viewers remember your video plus the product or website you’re promoting much better which will increase sales and traffic.
Ensure That You Show Your Online Video HTML Link 
By posting an online video, you have the opportunity to provide some descriptions of the online video to make the viewers understand it better. At all times, you should start by the link which you want to attract your viewers in order to benefit from this key opportunity. Put the online video URL as the first thing in the box and then the keywords used in the title and in the description.


Go Beyond Just Using YouTube 
Most of the online video marketers use YouTube to post their videos. However, you can go beyond the use of YouTube by embedding it on your website. This will help drive more traffic to your website and also the time that visitors spend on the website. By doing this, you are likely to grow your audience. It is also good to note that Google’s algorithms consider the number of time your online video is watched because the numbers of views received add to the number views tally on the YouTube which will increase your video’s popularity. This is also important for being ranked highly in Google search.
By following the above easy online video marketing tips you are likely to achieve your set goals in online marketing.

Internet Video Marketing